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Navigate to the 'Posting' tab.

On this tab we can investigate the Production Ticket to ensure everything is as intended, validated and costed correctly in preparation to be Posted to Financials.

  1. 'Current Qty On Hand' represents the actual quantity of the Item within the specified warehouses.
  2. 'Current Average Cost' is the most recently calculated Average Unit Cost for that item on the Paradigm system. 
  3. 'Qty' represents the Qty Issued for Production.
  4. The 'Unit Cost' of an Item in Production can be set as a 'Fixed Unit Cost' that is set manually, the 'Bill Of Material Cost' calculated from the BOM or the 'Actual Unit Cost' calculated from the Production Issues on the Production Tick
  5. 'Total Cost' is calculated as the 'Qty' multiplied by the 'Unit Cost'

For more information on how to set the 'Unit Cost' of an item in production go to Setup Inventory For Production.

Validation errors are highlighted in red for you to spot easily.

Case 1 : The 'Unit Cost' differs from the 'Current Average Cost' by more than the allowed Variance %. The 'FG Avg Cost Accepted Variance %' can be set in Setup Company Settings for Production.

Case 2 : The 'Qty' is higher than the 'Current Qty On Hand'.

If 'Production Issues' need to be changed, you can use the 'Production Ticket Status' button to move the ticket back into 'In Production' or click 'Reset' to set the ticket back to the 'Draft' status.

Before you can Post the Production Ticket to Financials one must first Approve the ticket. If you want to post a Production Ticket that contains validation errors, then it can only be approved by a user with the setting 'Allow Override Production Ticket Errors' enabled.

For more information on 'User Settings' go to Setup User Settings.

After all checks have been completed you can click the 'Approve Production Ticket' button.

This will enable the 'Post Production Ticket' button. Click this to Post the Production Ticket to Financials.

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