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Production Ticket Approvals

In order to post a Production Ticket into the Financial System a Production Ticket Approval is required.

Once the Production Ticket has reached the 'Reconciling' phase, you can navigate to the 'Posting' tab.

Here you can view the summary of the Production Ticket where you can look out for any errors that may have occurred whilst processing the ticket. Once you are satisfied and would like to post this ticket to financials you can click the 'Approve Production Ticket' button.

This will enable the 'Post Production Ticket' button.

Under the 'General' tab on the 'Posting Details' panel you can view the approval status and who approved the ticket for posting.

Any user is capable of approving a production ticket unless their permissions are manually revoked. For more information see Add Action Access Permissions for more information.

Under 'User Settings', under the 'General' tab on the 'User Permissions' panel, you can select the 'Allow Override Production Ticket Errors' setting. This allows the user to approve the production ticket for posting even though it has validation errors detected on it.

For more information see Setup User Settings.

In the example below, the value highlighted in red is responsible for a validation error. The note underneath describes the error, in this case the Unit Cost has more than 10% variance of the finished goods Average Unit Cost.

Clicking 'Approve Production Ticket' now will give the warning message below.

In order to post this Production Ticket to financials it will have to be approved by a user that has been given authorization to override production ticket errors.

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